Security Cameras: Arlo Pro HD

The Arlo Pro HD is an excellent home security solution by Netgear, and I highly recommend it.
vms4230The cameras mount wirelessly. I’ve avoided some other systems because I didn’t want to deal with wiring. Arlo removed that barrier entirely. You mount the magnetic base via screws and then attach the camera via a heavy-duty magnet. It works great. The magnet is rounded, so you can also adjust the view angle.
Setup was easy, although I did need three attempts to get it to finalize the setup. That was mildly annoying, but not unusual for an app-based setup. I did setup via an Android phone, but you can also do it via a computer on your home network.
The base unit does have to attach to your router via ethernet cable. I would have preferred a wifi connection there. That’s actually my biggest gripe, and it’s not much of a complaint.
Arlo makes everything easy. The app is intuitive. You can set a schedule, just have them on all the time, or set them to record with motion.
Speaking of recording, you get enough free cloud storage for most folks, but you can also upgrade to a more robust storage option for about $10/month, if you prefer.
The video quality is pretty good. It’s only 720p, but that’s fine on a phone, tablet, or computer.
Night vision is basically black and white, but it works well.
Range is excellent. I haven’t had any connection issues, regardless of where I place the cameras.
The cameras are weatherproof and are perfectly content inside or outside. You can get various numbers of cameras. The unit I have came with two cameras.
All-in-all, this is a very nice and easy setup.
Final: Love
Note, the Arlo Pro HD was provided to me free for review by Best Buy and Netgear.

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