Vaccum: Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed Upright Vacuum

My wife and I have been looking forward to testing the Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed Upright Vacuum, and we have not been disappointed. What a great little vaccum!
If I haSharkve any complaint is that the canister is a bit on the small side. It’d be nice to have more volume available.
But that’s really it for negatives, and it’s hardly a negative.
The Shark is extremely user-friendly and does a great job getting up dirt and fur. We have two inside dogs who seem to have a full-time job shedding. The Shark plows through the fur like a champ. The easily-adjustable suction settings make this a breeze. There is plenty of suction power. The lower part of the unit also pivots, which makes it a lot easier to reach everywhere in the room. The hose has several useful attachments, including one that does a nice job acting as a thorough dust mop for hardwood floors. Controls are easily accessible and work as you would hope.
If that were all, this would still be a 5-star review based on performance alone. But there’s also the Shark’s shape-shifting act. You can easily and quickly remove the vacuum from the base and carry it around without the base. This is a godsend for stairs and reaching higher-up places you might want to vacuum (shelves and such). It also means you can have detach it from the base but still use the base on a “pole,” making it easy to go completely under beds and such while you hold the canister. You won’t realize what a huge benefit this shape-shifting ability can be until you use it. Then, you’ll never want a vacuum that doesn’t include it.
The only negative is that, due to the vacuum’s light weight, it doesn’t clean as deeply and thoroughly as some heavier vacuums.  About once a week, we need to trot out the heavier vacuum to finish things off.
This vacuum is light, powerful, and easy to use. It’s a winner. On top of that, it’s priced lower than competitors that don’t do as good a job and aren’t nearly as flexible in terms of how they’re used. You get a lot of bang for the buck with this Shark; I’m very impressed.
Shark, thanks for this one. My one suggestion for the next gen would be to include a means of attaching a shoulder strap to help carry the canister when it is detached from the base.
Final: Like
Note – The Shark Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed Upright Vacuum was provided to me free of charge to review by Best Buy and Shark.

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