VR Headset: Google Daydream

Since they recently went on sale, I decided to purchase a Daydream View VR Headset to use with my Pixel. It’s been a fun experience with only a few minor hiccups.
DaydreamThe 360 videos are impressive. The games are fun. The 360 photos available are really nice. Most things are done pretty well and look good. It’s still a relatively small universe right now, though; but I expect more content as time goes by.
The headset is pretty comfortable if you wear it correctly (more like a crown than ski goggles). The remote is incredibly handy, and controls are easy to master.
I am using the headset with a standard 5″ Pixel. I’ve seen reviews that complain about the Pixel vs the Pixel XL with Daydream. I’ve never used an XL, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good everything looks on the standard Pixel. If you have a standard Pixel, like I do, don’t be scared away from the Daydream headset. But do note that when you view videos in large-screen format (like you’re in a movie theater), you will notice some pixelation with the 5″ Pixel.
As for negatives, every now and then something (a scene or the Play Store) seems to just get stuck. The phone runs pretty hot during VR use, but that’s expected. Of course, VR apps will eat more of your memory, so you may have to have some aggressive storage settings if you have the base 32GB Pixel.
The Daydream is more of a fun novelty right now than anything else. Nothing about the Daydream headset will dramatically change your life, but it can add a little extra entertainment and fun to it. If you have a Daydream ready phone (Pixel or certain Moto phones, as of mid-Feb 2017), it’s certainly worth the low entry price to try it out.
Final: Like

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