Hair Dryer: Dyson Supersonic

I asked my god-daughter, who is a hair stylist, to give me a professional opinion on the Dyson Supersonic dryer. Her notes are included below. The Dyson looks different than other hair dryers, so it really stands out from the crowd. Overall, it does an excellent job as a hair dryer. I am not convinced it is worth the original MSRP of $400, but it has a useful design with thoughtful touches (like magnetic attachments) and does an excellent job overall. If you can find it on sale, I highly recommend it.
Pros:Dyson Hair
  • Light weight
  • Fairly quiet
  • Dries quickly
  • Adjustable heat and air flow
  • Back of the dryer doesn’t have suction so it doesn’t get the hair caught in it like a lot of dryers
  • The only area that does have a little suction is the exchange(?) at the bottom of the handle but even if you lay that directly on the hair it won’t get caught in it
    Magnetic attachments that are easily turned, adjusted, and switched
    Compact/easily stored


  • Box on the cord is a little heavy which sometimes makes it a little difficult if you’re reaching with the dryer
  • Because it has such strong air flow you have to be careful around people’s ears because that much powerful air flow might be uncomfortable or painful to some
  • If you’re one of those people who like to dry hair holding the “barrel” of the blow dryer you don’t really have that option given the barrel area is very wide and short
  • It may have no correlation but since I’ve been using the dryer I tend to shock them a little after using the dryer. Nothing while the dryer is in my hand but that kind of little zap you get if you didn’t put a dryer sheet in the laundry
  • Doesn’t really fit in your typical salon hair dryer holders on account of it not really having a barrel but if you flip it around you can put the handle in just be careful not to put to much stress on the cord if it will sit like that often.

Overall I like the dryer quite a lot. It’s a good dryer, and I thoroughly enjoy using it.

Final: Like

Note, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Dyson.


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