Phone Case: Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel

Spigen sent me a Rugged Armor case as a free replacement for another case (Ultra Hybrid Clear) that I didn’t like due to how the other case interfered with using the phone as a flashlight. I have to give Spigen 5 stars for customer service!

As for the Rugged Armor case, it also deserves a 5-star rating.

It is well-made and fits the Pixel exactly. It also is very lightweight and small compared to some other cases, so it adds hardly any bulk at all. I really appreciate that in a case. I have never damaged a phone by dropping it. For years, I didn’t even use a case or screen protectors. But as phone prices have climbed, I have reverted to using lightweight cases and glass screen protectors for better peace of mind.

1. Maintains the chamfered shape of the Pixel’s profile.
2. Fits securely and snugly (dust will not get in).
3. Beveled access to fingerprint reader allows you to use swipe functions without interference.
4. Handsome appearance. In particular, I appreciate that it mirrors the two-tone look on the Pixel’s backside. Nice carbon fiber accent at the bottom.
5. Ridged power button to make it easier to distinguish by feel.
6. Color blends perfectly with the face of the “Very Black” Pixel, making the phone look almost like you don’t have a case.
7. Lip around the face of the phone adds just enough height to protect the screen in the event of a drop.
8. Well made. I’ve used a lot of TPU cases because they fit my style. This one is well made.
9. Feels great. The material on the back feels good in the hand.

1. Well, there really aren’t any, but my one suggestion would have been to use a carbon fiber look for the panel around the fingerprint reader, too. I think that would have looked slightly nicer.

Overall, the Rugged Armor case is a winner. Thanks, Spigen!

Final: Love

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