Phone Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel

I used this case on a 32gb “very black” Google Pixel. The case itself seems pretty decent. It is completely clear. I would have preferred a frosted option, but that was not available.

SpigenUltraOverall, the case is comfortable in the hand and fits the Pixel perfectly. However, I have a few critiques or suggestions:

Minor Issues:

1. The case ships with two removable plastic overlays; one on the inside and one on the outside. But there is no documentation telling you there are two, and it’s almost impossible to tell. Plus, the overlays are completely flush and there are also no pull tabs to make removal easy. You essentially have to just keep digging with your fingernails or another sharp device until you can pry up a corner, possibly damaging the case. I applaud Spigen for working hard to be environmentally friendly, but pull tabs would make this work a lot better.

2. The back of the case is a fingerprint magnet, even moreso than the phone itself. Not a huge deal, and I’m frankly not sure what could be done to improve it. But I note it in case it matters to you. It doesn’t really bother me.

But there is one potentially significant issue:

1. When using the flashlight, the light is trapped in the edge of the case and can actually be somewhat blinding leaking around the top corner of the phone. The flashlight is largely rendered unusable at night because you can’t see past the light leaking toward the front of the phone. I have not had this issue with clear cases on other phones, so it appears to be a design issue.

Otherwise, the case is good. It seems well-crafted, all the ports fit correctly, and it even has slightly raised nubs on the volume rocker to make it easier to recognize which direction you’re going. The flashlight issue is really the only annoying problem, particularly since I regularly use the flashlight. I’d recommend you try a different case unless you never use the flashlight feature. But if the flashlight issue is unimportant to you, the case should fit the bill.

On top of all that, I should note Spigen’s customer service is phenomenal. They contacted me in response to my original review and offered to do whatever was necessary to help. In the end, they sent me a different case for free. I felt kind of guilty about that, so I selected the least expensive option. I have been very pleased with it, but the Ultra Hybrid actually feels better in the hand.

Final: Like


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