Vacuum: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright

As a dog owner, I was quite pleased to have the opportunity to review the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum. We have two indoor dogs who love nothing more than shedding on our rugs.
The vacuum cleaner is well-packaged and easy to remove from the box. The colors are quite striking when you first see them in person.
Instructions are clear and easy to follow. A few things, like installing the multi-tool holder instead of the single holder, take so much force that you may be afraid of breaking something. Don’t be. It is designed to hold tightly and to remove only with significant force.
First impression is that the vacuum is a bit heavy. That is particularly noticeable given the pivot joint at the base. The pivot makes it easy to corner, but it also takes some getting use to if you are coming from a fixed lower vacuum unit, as I was. Once you get used to it, though, the weight isn’t really a factor, unless you have to lug it up or down stairs.
I appreciated the pivoting base. It made vacuuming around furniture much easier. It also allowed the top of the vacuum to get much closer to the floor than many other vacuums while the front suction area maintained contact with the floor.
I liked the fact there was one switch for suction and another switch for the floor brush. I could turn the brush off and effectively use the vacuum as a dust mop.
Suction power is adjustable and seems more than adequate.
The clever design of taking the top handle out as the hose extension is nice. It allows you to get little stuff you otherwise couldn’t reach with a regular vacuum.
There is an air freshener filter built in. It is washable. At first, the scent is quite strong, but it fades over time.
The handle detaches into an extendable hose which can accept multiple attachments. This is quite handy.
The brush, which is marketed as tangle-free, has not yet gotten tangled with fur or hair.
Due to the design of the canister that collects the trash (and fur) from the floor, you can easily empty all the hair without much trouble.
I have been very happy with this vacuum. It has become my new upright vacuum of choice.
Final: Like
Note, this vacuum was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Bissell.

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