BT Speaker: iClever BoostSound

My wife won one of these little guys recently. As the geek in the family, I was immediately eager to play with it. I have a few other nice BT speakers, so I wondered how this iClever speaker would stack up. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to fare all that well, but it more than holds its own against the more expensive competition.

81QFd75TzOL._SL1500_The first thing I noticed (well, other than the bright red front grill) when I removed the speaker from the box was the weight. It is heavier than I would have expected for the size. That’s a positive (better sound control) and a negative (not as easily portable).

I was happy to see it has 2 3-watt speakers. Many of these smaller BT speakers are mono, but the iClever is a stereo speaker, and that does help with sound reproduction.

My go-to small waterproof BT speaker has been one of the top-rated brands and usually sells for $100 or more. It didn’t take long to convince me that I needed to make a change, so the iClever speaker is now my daily use BT speaker. The sound is very clear. The bass is pretty good for the size. It connected easily to my Pixel, my wife’s Nexus, and an old iPod Touch. But, just in case, it also comes with an audio cable, which I don’t recall seeing with another BT speaker recently. That’s a nice little plus.

The design is fine. One thing to be aware of is that the volume buttons also act as advance/reverse buttons. Press and hold to adjust volume. Press and release to advance or reverse the track.

My only real grip is that the volume adjustments are not as fine as I’d prefer. This really only matters at low volumes.

The speaker has performed flawlessly since we got it. My wife, who traditionally won’t listen to small BT speakers likes it and listens to it regularly That’s saying something. Not bad for a speaker you can often pick up for under $25 at Amazon.

Final: Like

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