Leash: ColPet Dog Leash Harness


Jax models the ColPet Dog Leash Harness

The ColPet Dog Leash Harness is an easy-to-use step in harness. It works great with our dogs. One of our dogs has impulse control issues and always tries to pull; so I don’t like using a traditional style collar leash with him. The ColPet Dog Leash Harness has been great.

I got size medium, which works for both our dogs: one is about 30 pounds, and the other is about 38 pounds.

From the distributor:

  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION-Sturdy solid and comfortable red nylon cloth, nice neat stitching makes the well-made durable dog leash harness incredibly resistant to wear. Please note the harness and leash set is not for pet’s chewing, please don’t leave the leash and harness set on your pet unattended
  • SOFT LINING: super soft high-grade sponge added to proprietary blend of webbing makes walks more comfortable for both the dog and walker
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZED- Medium size harness can be adjusted to fit dogs with chest girth from 19.6 to 27.6 inches. Width of large size harness and leash is 2.0 CM. Suitable for: Schnauzer, Samo, Husky and other pets
  • STYLISH CLASSIC LOOK – The dog leash and harness have a clean, classic look that will make your dog look extra handsome in the dog park, dog coffee shop, dog training classes or other dog favorite spot
  • EASY TO WEAR AND WALK – Eliminates tugging and pulling pressure on your pet’s neck and make your pet walks comfortable. Never need to worry choking your pet

I ordered my first ColPet at a significant discount and the seller was so helpful, they shipped me a second one for free.  I was very impressed with the seller and the leash itself.

Final: Like


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