Phone: iPhone 6

My daughter is locked into the Apple ecosystem, so I purchased the iPhone 6 64Gb model for her in mid-2016 to replace her iPhone 5. The 6 is a great update over the 5 in almost every way.

81D4af0lJ-L._SL1500_First, is the new size. At the time I’m writing this review, the new iPhone 7 has recently been released, and the 4.7″ screen seems like the new norm for iPhone, But this is still a very recent development. One advantage the 6 over the 7 is the fact it has a physical headphone jack. Additionaly, it has very good integrated speakers.

The camera is also improved. The iPhone camera is always excellent, and the 6 does not disappoint. Note, it does not have the new “live pictures” feature found the 6S and the 7. Otherwise, thoug h, the camera, is still very strong.

The phone has now been updated to iOS 10, which is IMO the cleanest and best version of IOS in some time. Yes, it’s still the same basic visual interface that I had on an iPhone 3G many years ago, but there are a lot of tweaks that have really modernized the OS.

But don’t expect significant modernization in the menu tree. If I have one major gripe with Apple about interacting with the OS, it’s that the menu trees look like some thing from DOS. Fortunately, there are helpful shortcuts to most things, but some few remain buried. Apple really needs to modernize the underpinnings of iOS.

As always, the phone feels premium in the hand. While I am certainly not an Apple fanboy, I have long appreciated the build quality and design of various iPhone models.

Speaking of build quality, I should note the reports of “touch disease” affecting this particular model. Fortunately, we have not experienced any issue with the screen, but I am still concerned we may see issues in the future. Several other friends have experienced the issue with their phones. Unfortunately, rather than repair or replace for free, Apple is charging customers roughtly $150 to repair the phone.

The long and the short is that the iPhone 6 is a good phone but runs the risk of touch disease. I’d suggest you focus on the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S at this point, as those have not experienced those issues, although there have been some other reports of issues with some versions of the 7, as well.

An otherwise excellent phone is downgraded to four stars for ongoing design issues (touch disease), poor menu systems, and missing features (such as live photos). The 6 was a great step forward in terms of moden size, and the phone looks and feels great. But Apple has produced several devices in recent years with substantial design/manufacturing flaws, and I think we should not overlook this degradation in quality. But if you get one that works as well as ours does, you’ll have an excellent phone in your hands.

Final: Like

UPDATED 12/25/17 – Another issue with the iPhone 6 is poor sound quality on calls.  I noticed it recently when borrowing my daughter’s phone, and she explained she often ends up using speaker phone b/c the sound quality in-call is so poor on the iPhone side. Couple that with Apple’s recent admission they slow phones older than a year, and this is now a phone to avoid.

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