BT Headphones: iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit

61tkD-HEDCL._SL1500_Excellent low-cost BT headphones!
I wasn’t sure what to expect with these iClever BT headphones, but I have been very impressed with the sound quality. If I had any complaint it’s that they are little bulkier than the more expensive BT headphones, but they don’t feel heavy; they also feel a little cheaper than the nicer stuff (makes sense, since they are).
However, the sound is very clear and rich until you crank the volume to the max. My son, who usually wears expensive over-the-ear noise-canceling BT headphones, said he thought the sound on these was amazing for the size and, at least in some ways, even better than his usual cans. To my surprise, they also work a bit as noise-canceling headphones.
The iClever headphones come with three different sized attachments for the in-ear piece and are very comfortable. They charge quickly and hold a charge quite well. Battery life is rated for 7 hours use or 160 hours standby, which seems about right in our tests.
i still prefer my Bose, but you can generally snag these for about 10-15% of the price for the Bose, and they are about 80% as good. Very nice bang for the buck.
Final: Like
Note, these headphones were provided to me free of charge for review by iClever.

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