Flashlight: OxyLED OxyWild MD01 Long Tube Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight

I really appreciated this flashlight. It is solid and feels good in the hand. It casts a very bright light; in fact, it casts a brighter light than the larger LED light I have. If I could change one thing about the light, I’d like it to be able to pivot. I like it so much, that I keep it in the nightstand by my bed in case of an emergency, and it has become the first flashlight I reach for when I need one (used it just last night to check my son’s car, as a mater of fact).

FlashlightBatteries are rechargeable and don’t take a long time to reach full capacity. Once charged, it seems to last for awhile. I’ve let it sit for months without recharging, and it still had plenty of juice.  You access the charger by sliding a ring near the “neck” of the flashlight. Despite the IP65 waterproof rating, I don’t trust that this little ring would be extremely waterproof, I am confident it would be fine in a heavy rain. I’d prefer a stand with a charger on the base, though.

So, two minor complaints (fixed angle instead of adjustable angles and charger port instead of base), but those are a matter of personal preference. In terms of function and form, this little light rocks.

Final Love

Note, this flashlight was provided to me free of charge for review by Thousandshores.

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