Presentation Remote: Logitech Spotlight

The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is an excellent premium presentation remote. I have frequently given presentations to other attorneys as well as schools and other organizations.  The Spotlight Remote is an excellent tool in a professional environment.

I paired the Spotlight with my Surface Pro 4, which is the device I generally use to give presentations. I had some initial issues installing the software because the corporate version of Norton on my computer believed the software contained a trojan. I notified Logitech and Best Buy of the issue, and Logitech corrected the problem within just a couple of days. I really appreciated how responsive they were.

Of course, it functions as a basic presentation tool, advancing and reversing slides. But it has a number of other cool features.Spotlighting

First, as the name implies, you can use a button on the remote to create a highlighted “spotlight” on the presentation. This is a very nice feature, allowing you to really focus on specific parts of the slide.

Second, you can set timers such that the remote will vibrate to give you a reminder. This can help you stay within an allotted time or encourage you to move along to the next slide.

Also, you can use the remote to control video within the presentation.

All features work perfectly.

The Spotlight is a nice remote. It feels solid and substantial, but not overly heavy.

In the box is a nice carry pouch, a charging cable, and a dongle you can use to connect to a computer that doesn’t have BT.

It is on the pricey side, but it is a clear step above other remotes used for presentations. If you frequently give speeches or presentations, I encourage you to consider the Spotlight.

Final: Love

Note, Spotlight was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Logitech.


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