Charging Dock: Belkin PowerHouse™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

5507501cv11dFirst impressions matter, and Belkin has done a nice job packaging this dock.
Th dock itself is attractive. My only complaint is that the wall charger is huge. That looks odd compared to all the smaller wall chargers we use for other devices.
There is a dial on the back that took me a few minutes to grasp what it does. It does not, as I first thought (b/c the simple diagrams weren’t immediately obvious to me), move the charging port forward and backward or switch power between the watch and the phone. What it does do is raise and lower the height of the phone charging port in order to accommodate your phone case. It is blatantly obvious in retrospect, but I misunderstood it initially. Feel free to laugh, if you must.
Regardless, it’s a handy, simple, effective charging dock for iPhones and the Apple Watch. I like the fact the phone sits vertically, so you can place it on a desk and easily reference the phone while it charges. The dock is a lightning connector, so you can also charge an iPad on it.
As a final note, it charged my devices quickly and without any excess heat. I’d call it a winner.
Final: Like
Note, this dock was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Belkin.

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