Power Strip: iClever Portable Power Strip for Travel

I’ve become a fan of little power strips like this. We keep one tucked in a corner of the kitchen. It makes it extremely easy to keep a few short charging cables handy for phones and tablets. It works perfectly well and even looks good.


From the manufacturer:

  • Ultra Compact for Travel: Smaller than most 2 AC alternative on market, this power strip is ultra minisized and light; Really portable for travel while provide enough power (10A/125V/1000W) to satisfy your need
  • 2 Surge Protected AC Outlets: Optimally transfer power and keep plugged-in devices safe when voltage fluctuates, swells or spikes
  • 5V/4.8A USB Output: 4 USB ports all equipped with SmartID technology and multiple circuit protection can identify special devices and provide charging efficiency up to 2.4A/port(total 4.8A)
  • Safety and Reliable: Over-current,short-circuit and over-temperature protected USB charging port armor your smart device;Unibody shell and 94V0 fire-proof materials can bear high temperature up to 750 Celcius degrees
  • What You Get: iClever Surge Protected Power Strip, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service

One thing I appreciate about this particular strip is that the SmartID technology actually does work well. It will rapidly charge phones that are optimized for that while charging other phones at their normal capacity.

Another thing I appreciate about this particular strip is the two grounded three-prong outlets in addition to the four USB-A outlets. That makes this great for travel.

Note, it has a power button, so you have to make sure it is on before you can use it.

I am extremely pleased with this little guy.

Final: Love


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