BT Speaker: Polk Bit Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ok, sure, this little guy can’t pump out a ton of bass. But no one should expect a ton of bass from a speaker this size (to understand the size, realize that’s a USB connector shown in the picture below).
5735501cv13dWhat you do get, is a fun little BT speaker that sounds extremely clear for the size. I was actually quite impressed.

The clip is strong. I have no concern about whether it will lose grip. I clipped it on my shirt, and it held on perfectly well, which makes it good for joggers. Also, the clip allows the speaker to recline on it’s side, so you can use it as a very small free-standing speaker. I’ve found that aspect to be more useful than I would have thought.

I wish there were a few more controls built in, especially a dedicated power button or function button. It is easy enough to set up with the included instructions (assuming tiny print works for you). But I may not remember the setup in a year when I change phones. That’s why I’d like a dedicated pairing button, for instance.

Also, it’s not water-proof, although it certainly looks water-resistant. I think it’d do fine in rain, but I don’t recommend dipping it in water, since the hinge to expose the USB port doesn’t seem to always fully seal when closed.

In terms of size, I’d say it falls somewhere between a large thumb drive and a small cigarette lighter. It’s also very light but seems sturdy.

The Boom Bit lasts about 3 hours on a charge and seems to charge reasonably quickly. You just open the hinged end and plug it directly into a USB-A port.

Note, it can also be used for hand-free calls and does a surprisingly good job with voices. The speaker seems to be optimized for the mid-range, which is were most voices fall.

This is a fun little speaker. With a few tweaks, it’d be really awesome, but it’s pretty good as is.

This Polk speaker was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Polk.

Final: Like

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