Headphones: Langsdom F9 Earpods

We ordered two sets of these earbuds: one gold and one in white. I received two gold, which worked out fine because they perfectly matched my daughter’s iPhone 6 case and she was happy with the color.

LangstonBudsWhile not audiophile level, the headphones are decent quality and do a nice job in terms of fit and sound. Sound is clear through most ranges, although I thought high ranges and bass were both a tad on the weak side, when compared to better earbuds. They are also packaged nicely, which provides a positive first impression.

From the distributor:

  • Has a cool apple style for andorid system and iOS system.
  • Earbuds for the high sound quality with bass, ultra-lightweight, comfortable, bring you the perfect audio enjoyment.
  • Headphones with microphone and remote control for easy control of music and calls.
  • In-ear ear buds for a super comfortable, noise isolating fit.
  • Back by Langsdom 1-year warranty.

The only negative is the cable does not contain a volume rocker. But that was not a surprise, since I had noticed that in other reviews. I don’t think that issue knocks it down in terms of rating, but do be aware in case the lack of volume control matters to you. It can be a pain to have to change the volume via your phone in certain settings, such as working out.

On the whole, despite the error with the order and the lack of volume control, these seem like a good set of inexpensive wired earbud headphones. You can find them for about $15 on Amazon.

UPDATE – After less than a month of use, both pairs of headphones broke. Despite the initial positive impression, I’d suggest you avoid.

Final: Hate


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