Hair Trimmer: Panasonic – Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer

PanTrimIf you want a no-frills cordless device that simply trims hair and doesn’t have 10,000 different attachments, this may be for you.

Initially, I was surprised and disappointed when I opened the box. There was only one attachment, and that is a plastic comb that goes over the blades. These days, I’m used to seeing a variety of attachments that allow a trimmer to perform different functions. But this trimmer has one function: trimming hair.

To be fair, it does a very good job trimming hair, particularly for a cordless trimmer. The blades are sharp and consistent. I appreciate the dial that allows you to set the trim height. The trimmer itself feels solid and well-made. It can be used wet or dry. It functioned as well as trimmers I’ve used with cords, which says something about how strong the battery is.

However, the blade head is pretty wide. This is great for trimming hair on your head and cheeks, but not nearly as good for trimming a mustache. You can’t do any detail work with this trimmer. If you don’t need detail work, that’s fine. But if you do, you’ll want a different trimmer.

I skimmed the description on BB, which indicates you can use the trimmer while charging. Nope, the charging base plugs directly into a power outlet, and then the trimmer has to sit in the charging base to charge. There is no cord, so there is no way to use the trimmer while charging. This entire setup is annoying, actually. The charger is bulky and may block your use of other outlets.

It also comes with a packet of lubricating oil and a small cleaning brush.

In my tests, it has held a charge well, and it has plenty of power for trimming hair. I was impressed with how it functioned.

So, if all you want is to trim hair and don’t mind the charging setup, go for it. But if you want any other options, there are products on the market that are more versatile.

Unfortunately, due to the charger and the limited functionality, I can’t really recommend this product to most people, although it will be good for a specific use if you don’t mind the charger setup.

Note, this trimmer was provided to me free for review by Best Buy and Panasonic.

Final: Hate


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