Shirt: Joseph A. Bank Traveler Collection Traditional Fit Button-Down Collar Plaid Sportshirt

I admit it: I’m lazy.

TravSportLongI don’t like to iron shirts, so some time ago, I switched to buying no-iron shirts almost exclusively. I’ve tried many brands, but my favorite that I keep coming back to is the Traveler Collection at Joseph A. Bank.

I tend to buy these shirts online now in the JAB clearance section, which is where you can find the best deals. JAB routinely runs sales on all their clothing; in fact, I have real doubt about whether anything is ever “full price,” but the clearance items can be really great deals.

The particular shirt reviewed today is the traditional fit button-down collar sportshirt.

The shirt fits true to size and feels comfortable. Stitching is consistently good quality, which is not the case with some competitors.

The shirt holds form very well. I just wash it, dry it, and hang it up. No wrinkles, no worries.

Overall, I’m very pleased.

Final: Love



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