Office Chair: Acuity Chair by Allsteel

Chair1I had been hunting for a versatile, comfortable office chair for a little bit when I stumbled across the Acuity by Allsteel. Online reviews looked very positive, and the design of the chair looked intriguing and attractive. Although MSRP is over $1200, I eventually found a deal to buy one at $400 at a site called MadisonSeating. Even so, $400 seems like a lot to spend on a chair, so I kept looking in local stores until I finally realized that $400 really was a very good price for a chair that had the features I needed.

I have a couple of bad discs in my lower back, and I end up sitting a lot at my desk. I had reached a point with my old chair where I was in pain by mid-afternoon. As I checked out a variety of chairs, I realized I needed to treat a new chair as a medical purchase moreso than a style purchase. In that light, the deal I found on the Acuity is a good investment.

I was drawn to the Acuity due to several factors. First and foremost were reviews praising its comfort for all-day seating. This was extremely important to me. I also appreciated the sliding seat cushion design and the reclining backrest, both of which would allow me to easily shift positions during the day. I tend to get hot, so the mesh back was another plus (there is a leather liner you can purchase to cover it, if you prefer).

Then there was also something of a coolness factor: the chair looks really nice. It has a modern look and appears sturdy and well-made.

AOSubCatAcuityWorkBenefitHero_Acuity_Benefit2_Large.jpgUnlike most chairs with stalks under the seat, the controls for the Acuity are buttons on the sides of the seat.  The height is raised or lowered by a button on the right side of the seat. Another button on the right side also controls the slide for the seat. And a slider on the left side of the seat can lock the back in an upright position or adjust tension for how it reclines. The arms can be adjusted up/down and in/out by buttons located in different locations on the arms.

AOSubCatAcuityWorkBenefitHero_Acuity_Benefit1_Large.jpgThe seat itself is supportive and comfortable. It is not a super soft seat. It’s more like a performance car seat. You appreciate it more the longer you sit in it. And while the back doesn’t have a specific lumbar adjustment, it does a terrific job of making my back feel supported and comfortable. That’s a lot harder than it sounds, based on how I felt testing out the many other chairs I tried before ordering this one.

Regarding little details that stand out, the fit and finish are terrific. Also, the dual-castor wheels roll more smoothly than any chair I’ve ever tried.

I am very happy with this chair. It has made my days much more pleasant, and for that, I am grateful.

Final: Love


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