Speed Loader: UpLULA by Maglula

UpLULA-Left-side-MIf you own a double-stack 9mm or 45-caliber pistol, I encourage you to consider a speed loader. I actually have two of these UpLULAs, and they do a wonderful job. It is much faster to load a magazine, and my fingers are less sore.

Operation is simple. Squeeze the loader such that the metal tongue on top pushes down the follower (the plate on top of the magazine) or the top bullet already loaded in the magazine. Insert bullet on top and release the tension on the loader. Then repeat until the magazine is full. Once you get used to it, which doesn’t take long at all, you’ll be much faster.

It also comes in handy for getting that last bullet to go into a magazine with a tight spring.

The UpLULA line is the standard for magazine loaders. There are a few knockoffs, but the price differential is just a dollar or two. I recommend you stay with the original. The construction on these is excellent, and I appreciate that you can lock them closed.

While you may not need a speed loader, I can tell you they come in handy.

Final: Love


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