Boot: Rockport Cold Springs Elkhart Boot

Have you ever just found a boot that makes your feet feel happy? The Rockport Elkhart does that for me.

Rockport1I first purchased a pair about 8 years ago to wear when I rode my motorcycle. They fit very well for biking. They come up above the ankle, lock down tightly, and the tread -while grippy – isn’t so clunky as to interfere with changing gears. Plus, they’re waterproof, look good, and are comfortable.  To this day, they are my first choice when I ride. In fact, I have an unworn pair in my closet waiting for my current pair to wear out, but the first pair keeps trucking along.

From the manufacturer:

  • The rubber outsole pads provide a durable grip on a variety of surfaces
  • EVA midsole provides lightweight shock absorption to help reduce foot and leg fatigue
  • A lightweight footbed comfort system designed to provide shock absorption at the heel and rebound at the forefoot
  • Hydro-Shield® construction offers waterproof leather, a seam sealed, waterproof insole, and a gusseted tongue to help keep feet dry

In terms of fit, I think they fit true to size except they are just a tad wide.  That works well for me, but it may not for you, so I’d suggest trying them on before you buy. Also, they don’t have a ton of arch support; that also works well for me. However, the footbed is cushioned well and feels very comfortable.

Rockport2They are comfortable enough and good-looking enough to wear at work all day. They can get a little warm, but I haven’t felt overheated in them like I have some other boots.

I’ve also worn them in light snow, light hiking, and rain. They are comfortable and do well in pretty much any condition. Although they are not as grippy as a dedicated hiking boot, they offer sufficient traction for most normal uses.  The waterproofing works perfectly fine. I’ve never had any leakage into the footbed.

Stitching and materials are first-rate. I abuse these poor boots, and they keep doing their job keeping my feet comfortable. I actually don’t have any suggested improvements.

Final: Love

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