BT Keyboard: Brydge – 12.3 Wireless Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & 4

I am incredibly pleased with the Brydge 12.3 Wireless Keyboard. I am using it with a Surface Pro 4.


Setup was quick and easy. It only took a second to pair with my SP4. Once paired, it functions almost flawlessly.

Fit and finish are excellent. This looks and feels like a premium keyboard. I appreciate the little touches, like the fact the bevels match those of the SP4. And there is a nice cutout in the center of the front profile to make opening the Surface easier.

The palmrests are comfortable. The trackpad, while a little smaller than I would have hoped, functions smoothly and responds appropriately to controls.

Keys are backlit via manual controls. You pick whether you want backlighting on or off. You also set the brightness level. I actually prefer this setup instead of automatic settings.
Although it pairs via BT, in function, it acts and feels like a laptop. For instance, when I close the “lid” (the SP4), the Surface goes into hibernation. When I open the lid, the Surface wakes.

The Surface is easy to remove from the grippy hinges built into the Brydge, but it is also firmly locked in. There is no hint of looseness when I pick everything up by either the tablet or the keyboard. While in the hinges, the screen can be folded back flat, but it cannot rotate all the way around. If you want to use the Surface as a tablet, just take it out of the keyboard. In fact, since it’s paired via BT, you can remove the Surface entirely and still use the keyboard to type. This can come in handy in some circumstances.

The keyboard is a little on the heavy side, but it needs to be in order to counter the full weight of the Surface. It is not excessive. But if you were to compare it to an Apple computer, think more MB Pro instead of MB Air.

I enjoy the standard MS Type Keyboard I purchased with the Surface, but this Brydge Keyboard is much more versatile. And it finally gives a complete answer to whether you can easily use a Surface on your lap – yes, you can. In all respects, other than a few controls like powering it one and such, it functions just like a regular, high-quality keyboard.

The keys have a satisfying sound as you type. I was instantly able to type quickly and with very few errors. I did not detect any lag whatsoever. The keys are nicely spaced and have good travel depth.

I wish it had a dedicated power button to make it a little more intuitive, but it works well enough.

The base is stable. The feet are grippy and lend to the overall solid feeling of the keyboard. There are little raised nubs at the front corners to help softly cradle the screen when you close the Surface.

I only have one small negative – one of my keys (the “h”) sticks a little and then clicks back up a bit more loudly than the others. But that’s the only thing that makes me remember this isn’t a high-end OEM keyboard. And it doesn’t happen every time.

It is a bit bulkier and heavier, but after using the Brydge, I don’t see myself going back to any other keyboard with the Surface.

Final: Love

Note, the Brydge 12.3 Keyboard was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Brydge.

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