Handgun Grips: Hogue Black Rubber Grips

Hogue BRGI recently purchased a Hogue Black Rubber Grip (BRG) for a SIG SAUER P238. The P238 is already a very soft-shooting gun, but the individual who would be the primary user is particularly sensitive to recoil, so I wanted to minimize any potential recoil as much as possible.

After doing some reading, I decided to give the BRG a try. I am pleased to report they work well, improve grip, and absorb recoil a little better.

Installation is simple.

  1. Make sure the gun does not have a magazine inserted.
  2. Unscrew the screws.
  3. Remove old grips.
  4. Install the BRG.
  5. Reinsert screws.

But remember, these small SIGs are not 1911s, so there are no bushings for the screws. Also, since the rubber is softer than the original aluminum grip, you have to be careful to ensure the shaft of the screw does not extend past the frame.

The original grips on the gun are aluminum grips just on the side. The BRG is a wraparound. This allows it to also include finger grooves, which improve control and recoil management, as long as your fingers fit in the grooves well enough.

Three different shooters with different hand sizes tried it. It was comfortable enough for all three of us. I think I’d only be concerned with fit for someone with very large hands. Small and medium hands seemed fine.

The grips do make the handle of the gun a little wider than stock grips do, but I don’t really see that as a negative. The increase in width is minimal, and the gun is still easily concealable. These guns are very small, anyway, so the added width doesn’t interfere with grip at all.

The grips are comfortable and do actually help absorb recoil. They are not the most attractive grips out there, but they are not as unattractive as I had feared. They match up well with the black Nitron SIG P238.

The BRG is generally available for under $25 for the P238. At that price, it’s a nice upgrade to an already comfortable gun.

Final: Love



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