Holster: Remora 2-in-1 Holster with Leather Hyde Liner

A little while ago, I acquired a SIG P938 that was small enough for pocket or holster carry. I decided to try both styles, but I didn’t have a holster that worked for either with a gun that small.

Enter the Remora 2-in-1 Holster.


Remora pioneered the sticky pocket holsters a few years ago. You may know that a Remora is a fish sometimes called the “suckerfish.” It attaches itself to larger animals, such as sharks or turtles. This ability to stick and hold on inspired the name for the Remora holster.

The point of sticky holster is that it will stay in your pocket when you draw your gun. Previously, I’ve used a roughed leather holster for pocket carry. That holster was a little big for the SIG, but it worked well with my Ruger SR9c.

The Remora ups the ante just a bit by also being able to remain firmly in place – without a clip – when worn IWB. Of course, you are skeptical the first time or two you try it, but it works very well and is easier to put in place or remove than normal holsters. It is very nice to not have to work several minutes to get all the clips or loops lined up just right. Instead, just put it where you want it, and the Remora will stay there – even in pants with an elastic wasitband. I was very impressed!

The 2-in-1 takes it yet another step further by allowing you to tuck the holster under a shirt behind the clip. The clip is easily removable and also pops right back in with no effort, so you can quickly switch between pocket and IWB tuckable carry. Essentially, the 2-in-1 is really a 3-in-1.

Remora LeatherIn order to achieve a slightly thinner profile, I opted for the Leather Hyde liner. The other liners are nice, too; but this one appealed to me a bit more. I like the fact my gun is cradled by leather.

In all aspects, the Remora works terrifically when paired with a small gun. I also tried a friend’s Remora with my SR9c. For guns that size and larger, I think there are better options unless you plan to use it for pocket carry. I think the SR9c is a bit too big for regular pocket carry, but that’s exactly how my friend carries it using his Remora.

In terms of IWB for a larger gun, the Remora doesn’t do as good a job at keeping the grip tight against your body as some other holsters, like the Crossbreed Supertuck or Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3. But you can’t slip any of those holsters into a pocket, like you can the Remora. And, to be fair, the Remora may work better IWB for body types other than mine.

Regardless, for a smaller gun like my SIG, the Remora is an amazing all-around holster. I’ve also used a DeSantis with the SIG, which was roughly equivalent for pocket carry, but the Remora is better IWB or using the clip to tuck.

The Remora 2-in-1 is my top holster pick for small guns. I encourage you to check it out.

Final: Love


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