Vacuum: Samsung POWERbot R7070 App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum

Samsung 7070I have been looking forward to testing the new Samsung POWERbot R7070. We have two indoor dogs who shed a decent amount. We have some excellent vacuums in the house, but my old Roomba has been dead and buried for a few years.

My wife and I have used the 7070 for several days now, so I thought it was about time to write a review.

The internal packaging is very nice. It’s not your typical bubble pack. I thought the packaging showed the extra care Samsung has paid to the product.

Following the Quick Setup card is easy. Set up the charger. Turn on the 7070. Put the 7070 on the base unit.

Installing the app was a bit of a pain. When you get to the part where you’re supposed to input your network info, you can’t type it in. You have to hit search and let the app automatically find it. Of course, that means if you don’t broadcast your SSID, you have to turn your SSID broadcast on. It looks like you can just type your network name in, but you can’t. Adding to the confusion, it doesn’t ask for “network name” but “AP” info. Not cool, Samsung.

Anyway, I eventually got the network setup and working with both my phone and my Samsung tablet. The app, btw, remains oriented in a phone portrait mode on the tablet. It’d be nice if they built it to scale with tablets, too.

Once set up, the app works fine. You can schedule cleanings. You can tell the 7070 to start, stop, pause, or go charge up. You can set a daily schedule.7070 remote

If you don’t want to or can’t use the app, it also comes with a remote.

My dogs apparently had forgotten our old Roomba and were completely befuddled when they saw and heard this vacuum coming toward them with no human in control.

In terms of cleaning, the 7070 does a terrific job on hardwoods and flat carpets. Suction power is strong, and it adapts suction levels based on the type of surface.

The 7070 tries to map you home with a top-mounted camera that looks at your ceiling. The point being, your floor-level arrangement may change, but your ceiling likely stays the same. so that’s the map it tries to use.

It follows a deliberate pattern when cleaning and is pretty good about making sure to get every strip of floor.

It is a bit more squared or flush on the front, which allows it to get pretty close to walls.

7070 wheels

Despite rear wheels that look like it could go off-roading, the 7070 seems to have a problem with raised area rugs. It tends to butt into them, pushing them up in a pile. I’m hopeful it will learn to turn around and back onto the rugs, but we haven’t seen that yet.

It’s also taller than our old Roomba, so I think it has more trouble getting under furniture.

If there is any sort of activity or error, it is communicated via the app to your phone or tablet. That way, you know exactly what’s going on with the 7070 at all times.

My understanding is that it can be controlled via Alexa, but I haven’t had opportunity to test that feature.

Overall, I like this little guy. It’s not perfect, but it is a different level of usefulness due to the app integration and it has a very strong vacuum fuction. I think it’ll continue to improve with smart learning.

Final: Like

The Samsung POWERbot was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Samsung.


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