Mesh Router: Samsung Connect Home

I was very excited to try the new Samsung Connect Home mesh Wi-Fi system. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite ready for prime time just yet.


Setup, as usual with mesh systems, is by app only. It works fine; but this means you have only basic controls. For instance, I couldn’t find a way to disable the SSID broadcast.

The remote units connect to the network fairly easily and give you strong throughput and significantly enhanced range for peak speeds.

Another miss with the Samsung is that speeds cap out below 1Gb. That’s good enough for 99% of residential speeds at this point, but the advent of gigabit internet is moving fairly quickly. I expect the second generation Samsung to be faster.

Connect backThe minimalistic design is attractive, but comes at the expense of ports. Even the base unit has only one outgoing Ethernet port.

Oddly, despite the smart home integration, some basic devices I have couldn’t connect with the Wi-Fi. My Roku 3 never managed to connect, and one of my Nest thermostats couldn’t connect. That particular Nest unit also had a problem with another mesh system.

As as result of not being able to get my basic devices to work, I didn’t experiment much with smart things.

I think this system has some excellent potential, but it didn’t seem quite ready. I presume it’ll get updates quickly, since Samsung seems to really care about addressing issues. I could easily see this being a strong option for a lot of folks. But, as tested, I can’t quite recommend it at this time.

In general, mesh systems offer less customization and fewer ports than traditional routers. If you prefer a simple automated setup, don’t need greater customization, and don’t need more than one or two ports, a mesh system may be for you. Please see my other router reviews for other options.

Final: Hate

Note, the Connect Home was provided to me free of charge for review by Best Buy and Samsung.


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