Handgun: SIG SAUER 1911 XO Nitron

SIgXOxI have long admired SIG weapons and have recently found great deals on several SIG guns. So I purchased a few. One of them is a SIG 1911 XO Nitron, which is a rugged full-size 1911 in 45 ACP.

As always, SIG does a great job packaging their firearms. The included lockable TACPAC plastic case is very nice. It looks the part of a more expensive purchase. Included in the box was the gun, two 8-round flush stainless magazines, a lock, warranty info, a manual, some SIG promotional material, a SIG decal sticker, some gun oil, a kydex OWB retention holster with a mag pouch, and a gun lock.

The gun feels rock solid and very much feels like the big brother to my P938. The Nitron is basic black and looks like a gun that really means business. And, indeed it does.


  • CALIBER 45 Auto
  • ACTION TYPE Semi-Auto
  • FRAME SIZE Full-Size
  • FRAME MATERIAL Stainless Steel
  • SLIDE MATERIAL Stainless Steel
  • TRIGGER PULL SA 5 lb (22 N)
  • BARREL LENGTH 5.0 in (127 mm)
  • OVERALL LENGTH 8.7 in (221 mm)
  • OVERALL WIDTH 1.4 in (36 mm)
  • HEIGHT 5.5 in (140 mm)
    WEIGHT 41.6 oz (1179 g)

But let’s talk about some of the features that drew me to the gun.

Reliability. As I have written previously, this is my top priority in any gun that I may carry or use for defense. This gun is larger than I would carry, but it is a terrific home defense gun. It has not misfired at all and has chewed through any ammo I’ve tried.  But I’m early in the process, so this is a work in progress. I am very encouraged so far and expect the gun will work whenever I need it to as long as I take proper care of it. The 1911 platform is well proven, and this gun exudes quality.

SIg 1911 XO 2Accuracy. The gun has white high-contrast 3-dot sights and it aims easily. There is nothing at all complain about. The gun is accurate at any distance you’d fire a handgun. I was impressed.

Grip. Unfortunately, I did not get to experience the original grips. My gun already had VZ Operator II grips, which are extremely tactile. Combined with the 25 LPI checkering on the front, the gun feels like it is glued to my hand.

Recoil. If you’ve shot a full-size 1911 in 45ACP, you will feel right at home. Maybe it’s my imagination, but recoil did actually seem a little softer than usual.

Appearance. This gun is not a beauty queen. It is a designed to be an all-business defense gun. But that’s not to say it is unattractive. It’s attractive the same way a blacked-out muscle car is attractive. It exudes a sense of strength and purpose.

Build Quality. SIG is known for producing quality weapons. They are one of the more respected “premium” names in guns in the US. And the gun delivers with a solid feel and great quality throughout. Plus, SIG backs up their weapons and will fix any issues you may encounter. The gun is tight and easily passes the shake test. Nothing rattles.


Now, let me talk about my experience with the gun.

I love the appearance of the gun. It looks serious and purposeful. It feels serious and purposeful. I also really enjoy shooting this gun. It aims well and the recoil is very manageable, especially for a 45. The front checkering helps you maintain easy control when firing.

In terms of groupings, I don’t have target photos to post. That’s not my style in this sort of review at this point. But I was very impressed right out of the box. As usual, I start at 3  yards, then continue moving back a few yards every shot to see how tight my groupings stay. With the XO, they were nicely clustered.

Take-down and reassembly is typical for a full-size 1911. I really prefer how modern modulars take-down, but there is nothing bizarre or unreasonable how the XO breaks down compared to other 1911s.

I’ve only shot 230 grain ammo through the gun, but I used a few different types and had zero issues. I trust this gun completely.

One other bonus for me is that my carry gun is a smaller SIG patterned after the 1911 platform, so the manual of arms is very similar. That makes the adjustment of going from a tiny gun to a full-size easier.

The trigger is a match-grade aluminum trigger and works very nicely. There is not a ton of over-travel, so shooting feels crisp.

There really isn’t much to complain about with the SIG XO.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Include SIGLITE nightsights.

Overall verdict – The SIG SAUER 1911 Nitron XO is a very nice full-size 1911. I really like this gun a lot. It is attractive, well-made, and shoots well. No complaints here.

Final: Love


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