Pistol Grips: VZ Operator II Grips

VZ GripsTactile.



No matter which synonym you choose, the VZ Operator II grips are impressive. When I first held my SIG XO with the VZ OPIIs, I thought I’d have to file the grips down. It seemed possible you might be able to shave with them. They were just that grabby. I decided to wait for a range test.

That was a good decision, because when I took the gun to the range, the grips didn’t feel too harsh at all. In fact, all I noticed was that the gun stayed still like it had been glued to my hand.

I’m not really all that picky about grips. I’ve used a wide variety and rarely change out what comes on the gun when I buy it. But a few really stand out. This set of OPIIs is excellent and one of my favorite sets of handgun grips.

If you like the particular color, these are called Hyena Brown.

Final: Love.


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