Handgun: Ruger SR1911

6700I am sometimes teased about my apparent love of all things Ruger, but I don’t mind. I do happen to really like the Ruger line and view Ruger as a terrific manufacturer of quality guns at good prices. I also appreciate the fact Bill Ruger designed his first gun while he was a student at my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Anyway, I acquired a Ruger SR1911 Model 6700 earlier this year and have very much enjoyed it. Included with the gun were:

  • Original Ruger cardboard box.
  • Original Ruger soft case.
  • Two Ruger magazines (one 7rd and one 8rd).
  • Ruger speed loader.
  • Ruger bushing tool.
  • Original Ruger SR1911 manual.
  • Original factory test fire casing (gun manufactured in 2013).

I can understand why I’ve seen other reviews favorably compare the SR1911 to more expensive guns. Also, for those who care, this is a Series 70 style gun.

Specs from Ruger:

  • Full-length 5″ barrel.
  • Capacity 8+1.
  • Slide material stainless steel.
  • Slide finish low-glare stainless.
  • Grip frame low-glare stainless.
  • Grip panels hardwood.
  • Sights 3-dot Novak drift adjustable.
  • Weight 39 oz.
  • Width 1.34 inches.
  • Overall length 8.67 inches.
  • Height 5.45 inches.
  • Twist 1:16 RH.
  • Suggested retail $939.

As usual, let’s focus on some of the features that I found attractive with the gun.

Reliability. As I have written previously, this is my top priority in any gun that I may carry or use for defense. This gun is larger than I would carry, but it is a terrific home defense gun. It has not misfired at all and has chewed through any ammo I’ve tried.  I am confident this gun will work whenever I need it to as long as I take proper care of it. The 1911 platform is well proven, and this gun exudes quality.

Accuracy. The gun has high-contrast white drift-adjustable Novak 3-dot sights, and it aims easily. There is nothing at all complain about. The gun is accurate at any distance you’d fire a handgun. I wouldn’t say it is any more accurate than a more expensive 1911, but I also wouldn’t say it is any less accurate, which is impressive.

ruger_1911_gGrip. The grip is comfortable but lacks any front checkering, which can add stability. I have shot other guns with nice front checkering, but I haven’t really missed it with the Ruger. It does have grippy checkering on the backstrap and includes a nice over-sized beavertail grip safety.

Recoil. If you’ve shot a full-size 1911 in 45ACP, you will feel right at home. Maybe it’s my imagination, but recoil did actually seem a little softer than usual.

Appearance. While not my favorite, the low-glare stainless is a pretty nice look, IMO.  The ejector port is beefy. I appreciate the appearance of the skeletonized trigger and hammer.

Build Quality. Build quality seems good throughout. There is some slight looseness (particularly in the beavertail safety) when you shake it, but nothing that will damage the gun or impair function. It’s really just a nit-pick. Granted, the gun was used when I got it, but my used SIG was noticeably tighter. OTOH, there are some nice things Ruger does, such as make the barrel and bushing on the same machine and from the same bar stock. Ruger also has an extended mag release and oversize ejection port. The trigger and hammer are both lightweight skeletonized aluminum. Overall, the build quality is very good, falling just short of excellent.


Now, let me talk about my experience with the gun.

Initial impressions matter, and this gun makes a positive initial impression. I have to say, though, that I am partial to black or bi-tone 1911s. This model is all low-glare stainless. It’s attractive, but I think the Model 6709 would have been my favorite look.

In terms of groupings, I don’t have target photos to post. That’s not my style in this sort of review at this point. But I was very impressed with the gun right out of the box. As usual, I start at 3  yards, then continue moving back a few yards every shot to see how tight my groupings stay. With the SR1911, they were nicely clustered. That remained the case on various range visits when I’d just start from much further back, too. The gun is easy to shoot, and the sights are excellent.

Take-down and reassembly is typical for a full-size 1911. I really prefer how modern modulars take-down, but there is nothing bizarre or unreasonable about how the SR1911 breaks down compared to other 1911s.

I’ve only shot 230 grain ammo through the gun, but I used a few different types and had zero issues. I trust this gun completely. Shooting it feels natural and easy.

One other bonus for me is that my carry gun is a smaller SIG patterned after the 1911 platform, so the manual of arms is very similar. I’m also pretty familiar with other 1911s. That makes the adjustment of going from my EDC to a full-size easier.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Tighten up the tolerances just a bit to eliminate any wiggle in the shake test.

Overall verdict – The Ruger SR1911 Model 6700 is a very nice full-size 1911. I really like this gun a lot. It is attractive, well-made, and shoots well. I’m confident using this gun for home defense.

Final: Love.


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