Receiver: Onkyo TX-RZ810

In case you can’t tell, I think the RZ810 a superb a/v receiver. If you need a receiver and can live with “only” three HDMI ports supporting HDR and Atmos, I highly recommend the Onkyo TX-RZ810.


Smart Doorbell: Nest Hello

I have been looking forward to testing the Nest Hello. Our home is already wired with Nest thermostats, so adding the Nest doorbell seemed like a natural progression. Nest recommends that you have an installation tech perform the install for you, but I am terrible at installing and wiring and found it a very simple…

Video: Taking Responsibility for Your Life by Andy Stanley

Our family recently took several weeks to watch a DVD series by Andy Stanley called Taking Responsibility for Your Life.  It was good for my wife and I as parents as well as for our kids as young people who are still learning about responsibility.  Andy, in his usual common-sense way, walked us through how people respond…