Welcome to Love/Like/Hate

Welcome to Love/Like/Hate. My name is Mike. I am an attorney in North Carolina, USA. I began this site in March of 2017 as a central location for reviews I have written. The majority of reviews on the site are written by me, but a few others are written by trusted individuals I know personally. Please don’t submit a review to me for publication if I don’t know you.

I have written reviews for many years; it’s just something I enjoy and have a knack for doing. In fact, many of the initial reviews are repostings of reviews I wrote for other sites, but I’ll be adding new reviews as we go. My background in journalism and practicing law has given me a critical eye for detail and the ability to hone in on what is important to most people. I only review products or items I have actually used. Most are items I have purchased. Some items were provided to me by companies for review, either free or at a discount. In any event, my reviews are straight-forward and honest.

Many people in my social circles have looked to me for advice or guidance on different products for years. They know I will give them the straight scoop. One friend recently told me I should write for Consumer Reports because he appreciated how thorough my reviews were. While I don’t write for CR, I have published reviews on a number of retail sites, and at least one major national retailer sends me items worth thousands of dollars for review every year. They selected me for their insider program based on the quality of reviews I had previously written. Some of my reviews have been listed as the “most useful” reviews for certain items on sites such as Amazon and Best Buy, where I am a top-50 contributor.

If you have something you’d like me to review, let me know. I’ll take a look, although I don’t promise to buy stuff I don’t need just to write a review.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR MANUFACTURERS/DISTRIBUTORS/RETAILERS:  If you are interested in having me review your products, email me at LLHReviews@gmail.com.  My policy is that reviews will be posted first to the site(s) you designate. I will then post the review on this site, usually within 7 days after posting it to your site(s), and I will give credit to you for providing the item for review. I will consider a longer delay prior to posting here upon request. Of course, I will not post a review for the product on any of your competitors’ sites.

I think that about covers it. Let me know what you think. And look us up on Twitter – @LLHReviews. Give us a follow and we’ll follow you back! Also, you can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LLHReviews/. I hope to hear from you soon!